Just a Man
(David Hidalgo/Louie Pérez)

Just a man - made of blood and bone
Thrown away - all that was once my own

Old and worn - and tired too
Of cold so cold - and blue so blue

Endless love - washed away in the sand
Too much to lose - for just a man

In my time - never had my fill
Of broken hearts - for just a thrill

Letting my love - run through my hands
Too much to lose - for just a man

Don't put too many
Cards on this hard-headed man
Take whatever is yours
And get as far away as you can

No gret clouds - lined with silver and gold
No little boy - to watch me grow old

I play the game - as I know I can
So much to lose - for just a man

So much to ache - so much to break
Too much at stake - for just a man

(c) 1991-1992 Davince Music/No K.O. Music (BMI)