01-May-15 Blue Note, Columbia MO

  • Done Gone Blue
  • Why Do You Do?
  • La Venganza de los Pelados*
  • Buzz Buzz Buzz+
  • Chuco's Cumbia+
  • West L.A. Fadeaway+
  • I Walk Alone+
  • Tears of God+
  • Whiskey Trail+
  • Papa Was a Rolling Stone+>
  • I Can't Understand+>
  • Oye Como Va+
  • Emily+
  • Down on the River Bed+
  • Kiko and the Lavender Moon+
  • How Much Can I Do?
  • Ay Te Dejo en San Antonio
  • Volver Volver
  • Don't Worry Baby (w/Blues Intro)


  • Mas y Mas#

    All guests from the opening band Making Movies:
    *-w/Enrique Chi and Diego Chi on the vocals done by Cafe Tacuba on the "The Ride" CD, Brendan and Juan-Carlos on congas and timbales
    +-w/Juan-Carlos Chaurand (and on some tunes, Brendan Culp) on congas and timbales
    #-w/Enrique Chi on guitar and vocals, Brendan Culp and Juan-Carlos Chaurand on congas and timbales, Coleen Dieker on violin