28-Jun-14 MainStage, Black Oak Ranch, Laytonville CA

  • Ay Te Dejo en San Antonio
  • She's About a Mover
  • Chuco's Cumbia
  • Shakin' Shakin' Shakes
  • I Walk Alone
  • 300 Pounds of Joy*
  • Papa Was a Rolling Stone*>
  • I Can't Understand*>
  • Oye Como Va*
  • Soy Mexico Americano*
  • Volver, Volver
  • Yo Canto
  • Why Do You Do?
  • That Train Don't Stop Here
  • Alone In a Crowd
  • Don't Worry Baby


  • I Got Loaded+
  • La Bamba+>
  • Good Lovin'+>
  • La Bamba+

    David Hidalgo absent from show (recovering from surgery). Paul Rigby joins band after She's About a Mover and sits in for remainder of show. Josh Baca sat in on accordion for entire show except Shakin' Shakin' Shakes
    *-w/Garth Hudson on keyboards
    +-w/Oliver Wood on guitar