04-Jun-11 Los Angeles Theatre Center, Los Angeles CA
(David Hidalgo and Louie Pérez Duo Show)

    1st Set:
  • Lil' King of Everything>
  • Will The Wolf Survive?
  • What Good Is Love
  • The Valley
  • Saint Behind The Glass
  • Big August Moon
  • A Matter of Time
  • Hold On
  • The Neighborhood

    2nd Set:

  • La Pistola y El Corazón
  • The Town
  • Tony y Maria
  • On Main Street
  • Angeles With Dirty Faces
  • Cuca's Blues
  • Ten Believers
  • In 1964 (poem read by Louie)
  • The Long Goodbye


  • Burn It Down (dedicated to Gil Scott Heron)

    Actors read lines and acted out some scenes from the upcoming play "Evangeline - The Queen of Make Believe"

    David Hidalgo - guitars and vocals
    Louie Pérez - guitars and vocals
    Vincent Hidalgo - bass
    Cougar Estrada - drums