26-Oct-10 Benedum Center, Pittsburgh PA
("Experience Hendrix Tour")

  • Stone Free (EI, BC, CL)
  • Message To Love (EI, BC, CL)
  • Manic Depression>
  • Amazing Grace (EI, CL, SN)
  • Power of Soul (LC)
  • Crosstown Traffic (LC)
  • House Burning Down (EJ, CL, SN)
  • Drifting (EJ, CL, SN)
  • Burning Of The Midnight Lamp (EJ, CL, SN)
  • Are You Experienced? (EJ, CL, SN, WC)
  • Fire (JL, BW, w/LC on backing vocals)
  • The Wind Cries Mary (JL, BW, CL, SN)
  • Spanish Castle Magic (JL, BW, MN, SL< SN)
  • I Don't Live Today (KWS, NH, CL, SN)
  • Come On (Let the Good Times Roll) (KWS, NH, CL, SN)
  • Voodoo Chile>
  • Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (KWS, NH, CL, SN)
  • Can You See Me? (DH (vocals), CR, CL, SN)
  • Little Wing (DH, CR (vocals, CL, SN)
  • Them Changes (DH, CR, MN, BC, CB, CG (vocals))
  • Purple Haze (MN, CB, CG (vocals), DH (drums))
  • Midnight (SV, LC)
  • May This Be Love (SV, LC)
  • Love Or Confusion (SV, LC)
  • Foxey Lady (SV, LC, BC)


  • Red House (BC (vocals), MN, BW, CB)

Artists in Order of Appearance:
Ernie Isley (guitar)
Billy Cox (guitar)
Chris Layton (drums)
Scott Nelson (bass)
Living Colour - Vernon Reid (guitar), Corey Glover (vocals), Will Calhoun (drums), Doug Wimbish (bass)
Eric Johnson (guitar)
Jonny Lang (guitar)
Brad Whitford (guitar)
Mato Nanji
Kenny Wayne Shepherd (guitar)
Noah Hunt (vocals)
David Hidalgo (guitar)
Cesar Rosas
Campbell Brothers (Sacred Steel) - Chuck (pedal steel) & Darick (lap steel)
Steve Vai (guitar, vocals)