28-Jun-08 Mainstage, Black Oak Ranch, Laytonville CA
”Kate Wolf Memorial Music Festival”
(Show dedicated to Mark McDonald)

  • La Pistola Y El Corazón
  • Saint Behind The Glass
  • Lil’ King of Everything>
  • Will The Wolf Survive?
  • I Wan'na Be Like You (The Monkey Song)
  • Chuco’s Cumbia
  • Teresa
  • Don’t Worry Baby
  • Dream in Blue>
  • Feelin’ Alright>
  • Maricela
  • *One Way Out
  • Maria Christina
  • Let’s Say Goodnight
  • Ay Te Dejo en San Antonio
  • Soy Mexico Americano
  • +She’s About a Mover
  • Little Wing Tease
  • Mendocino Tease
  • I Got Loaded (w/Lovelight verse)>
  • Mickey’s Monkey>
  • Whittier Blvd Jam>
  • Not Fade Away>
  • Bertha


  • Mas y Mas>
  • My Generation

*-w/Catfish Jack on harmonica
+-w/David Hidalgo on drums and w/o Louie Pérez