09-Jun-07 Canyon Club, Agoura Hills CA

  • Maria Christina
  • Donít Worry Baby
  • Luz De Mi Vida
  • I Walk Alone
  • Chucoís Cumbia
  • Sabor a MŪ
  • *Pigfoot Shuffle
  • *Rambliní On My Mind
  • +My Babyís Gone
  • +Papa Was a Rolling Stone>
  • +I Canít Understand>
  • +Oye Como Va
  • +Youíve Got To Lose
  • #The Town I Live In
  • #Are You Angry>
  • #Sitting In The Park
  • #Is This All There Is?
  • +Volver, Volver
  • +Sheís About a Mover
  • @Cumbia Raza


  • @Thatís All
  • @La Bamba>
  • @Good Loviní>
  • @La Bamba

*-w/Carlos Guitarlos on guitar
+-w/Val McCallum on guitar
#-w/Little Willie G on vocals and Val McCallum on guitar
@-w/Little Willie G, Val McCallum, and Carlos Guitarlos

Note: David Hidalgo absent from show to attend the birth of his grandson