09-Dec-06 The Fillmore, San Francisco CA

  • Maricela
  • Dream in Blue
  • I Walk Alone
  • Chucoís Cumbia
  • Chains of Love
  • Georgia Slop
  • Hold On
  • Papa Was a Rolling Stone>
  • I Canít Understand>
  • Exodus>
  • 300 Pounds of Heavenly Joy>
  • Rattlesnake Shake>
  • Maria Christina
  • How Much Can I Do?
  • Iím Gonna Be a Wheel Someday
  • *Volver, Volver
  • Pigfoot Shuffle
  • Not Fade Away>
  • +Bertha
  • Don't Worry Baby


  • #Cumbia Raza
  • Cinnamon Girl

*-w/Salvador Duran on vocals
+-w/Female audience member on last verse vocals, bizarre undulations, and attempted fondling of Louieís head (can you say Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs?)
#-w/Joseph Valenzuela (from Calexico) on trumpet and Salvador Duran on maracas