28-May-04 McNear's Mystic Theatre & Music Hall, Petaluma CA

  • Soundcheck:
  • Directly From My Heart To You
  • Do You Want a Man Around?
  • Chains of Love (three takes)


  • Good Morning Aztlán
  • Luz De Mi Vida
  • Is This All There Is? (“The Ride” Arrangement)
  • Charmed
  • Done Gone Blue
  • Shakin' Shakin' Shakes
  • The Neighborhood
  • Wreck of the Carlos Rey>
  • One Time, One Night
  • Maria Christina
  • *Chains of Love
  • Maricela
  • Down By The River
  • Los Ojos de Pancha
  • +I'm Gonna Be a Wheel Someday
  • Cumbia Raza


  • Directly From My Heart To You
  • Rita
  • Mas y Mas

*-First Time Performed Live
+-Dedicated to Lencho (our guy from Jersey)