17-Aug-03 Red Butte Garden, Salt Lake City UT

  • Hearts of Stone
  • Done Gone Blue
  • Luz De Mi Vida
  • Down On The Riverbed
  • Don't Worry Baby
  • Someday
  • Malaq˙e>
  • Maria Christina
  • Down By The River
  • Run Away With You
  • Maricela
  • Mas y Mas
  • "Runner"
  • "Runner"
  • "Runner"
  • I Got Loaded
  • Cumbia Raza


  • Encores are unknown

Note: Setlist based on band's pre-show setlist, so likely not complete or 100% accurate - if anyone has a recording of the show or can help refine the setlist, please get in touch

Here's a review from the Salt Lake City Tribune, 18-Aug-03:

Los Lobos Rocks Red Butte Crowd
By Dan Nailen

Los Lobos hit upon the perfect formula for a memorable Red Butte Garden show Sunday night -- get the crowd on its feet early, and keep it there all night.

The East Los Angeles band, now in its 30th year together, managed this through outstanding musicianship, a friendly stage demeanor, a solid mix of originals and covers, and a jam bandlike propensity to keep pushing songs further, getting the audience into a frenzied state over and over through the show.

Opening with "Hearts of Stone," from its most-recent album, "Good Morning Aztlan," Los Lobos gave Red Butte a communal vibe from the onset, welcoming several members of opening act Quetzal to add flourishes to the band's songs. Steve Berlin's saxophone blasts pierced the cool night air on "Hearts of Stone" and remained a major presence throughout the show, as did his flute on "Luz de Mi Vida."

The show truly took flight with the heavy grooves of "Down on the Riverbed," with lead singers David Hidalgo and Cesar Rosas trading vocals as the band thumped along. The band went straight into the classic rock 'n' roll sound of "Don't Worry Baby," from its "Will the Wolf Survive?" album, showcasing one of the band's true strengths; Los Lobos is a Mexican-American rock band, and as great as the band is playing Spanish-language originals and traditionals, it is just as mindful of American rock history, not to mention world-music history.

Need proof? Just check out the artists Los Lobos covered in its Red Butte show. One of the major highlights was a monstrous medley that included Bob Marley's "No More Trouble," Peter Tosh's "Get Up, Stand Up" and Buddy Holly's "Not Fade Away."

As the show proceeded, Los Lobos seemed to stretch its songs out more and more, giving all the members a chance to shine and the crowd plenty of reason to keep dancing and counter the evening's frigid temperatures. "Mas y Mas" closed the show, but the band returned for high-energy encores.

All in all, a fine show by one of America's best rock bands. But after 30 years, Los Lobos' fans know they need not expect anything less