21-Jun-03 New Melody Fair Theatre, North Tonawanda NY

  • The Neighborhood
  • Don't Worry Baby
  • I Walk Alone
  • Stage Rotation #1 - Various Teases
  • The Big Ranch
  • I Got Loaded (w/Lovelight verse)
  • Luz De Mi Vida
  • Why Do You Do?
  • Stage Rotation #2 - Pipeline Jam
  • Angel Dance
  • Mas y Mas>
  • Dazed and Confused Jam
  • Estoy Sentado Aqui
  • Let's Say Goodnight
  • Stage Rotation #3 - Unknown Jam
  • Cumbia Raza


  • Good Morning Aztlán

Note: The stage is round in the middle of the room and usually rotates slowly during the show. A motor was blown the day before, so at quarter increments throughout the show, the crew came out and manually rotated the stage 45 degrees. The band seized this opportunity to play a "rotation jam" each time.