06-Nov-02 Jannus Landing Courtyard, St. Petersburg FL
("2002 Verizon Music Festival")

  • Malaq˙e>
  • Maria Christina
  • Don't Worry Baby
  • Evangeline
  • Oh Yeah
  • Colossal Head>
  • *Big Boss Man>
  • Colossal Head
  • Hearts of Stone
  • Luz De Mi Vida
  • Done Gone Blue
  • The Neighborhood
  • I Got Loaded (w/Lovelight verse)
  • Down By The River
  • Runner
  • Runner
  • Runner
  • Cumbia Raza


  • Don't Keep Me Wonderin'

*-David blew an amp during Colossal Head and Cesar did one verse of Big Boss Man while they replaced the amp.

Note: Setlist taken from the band's pre-show setlist and feedback from some attendees - it is not necessarily accurate at this point.
Please contact me if you have a recording of this show or can otherwise provide any edits to this setlist.