22-Feb-02 House of Blues - Anaheim, Anaheim CA

  • Soundcheck:
  • We're Gonna Rock
  • The Word
  • Good Morning Aztlán (instrumental jam)
  • Hearts of Stone
  • Maria Christina (multiple takes)
  • Hearts of Stone
  • The Word
  • Everybody Knows This is Nowhere Tease
  • The Big Ranch (x2)
  • Malaqúe


  • *Maria Christina
  • Run Away With You
  • *Hearts of Stone
  • You've Got to Lose
  • Maricela
  • Manny's Bones
  • +Oh Yeah
  • #This Time>
  • #Waiting In Vain>
  • #Sitting In The Park>
  • @Don't Keep Me Wonderin'
  • $Cumbia Raza
  • Estoy Sentado Aqui
  • Soy Mexico Americano
  • Serenata Norteńa
  • %Volver, Volver
  • Georgia Slop
  • I Got Loaded>
  • (Turn On Your) Lovelight verse>
  • Mickey's Monkey>
  • Not Fade Away>
  • Bertha


  • Don't Worry Baby
  • &High Places
  • **Mas y Mas

*-w/Martha Gonzalez (from Quetzal) on vocals
+-w/Alfredo Ortiz on percusion
#-w/Alfredo Ortiz and David Hidalgo Jr. on percusion
@-w/David Hidalgo Jr. on drums
$-w/Russell Rodriguez (from Los Otros) on guitar
%-w/Andy Ireland on accordian
&-w/Jason Lozano on drums
**-w/Louie Peréz III on guitar, David Hidalgo Jr. on drums, Alfredo Ortiz and Josh Burwick on percusion, and Vincent Hidalgo on bass