21-May-00 Dr. Kato Stage, California Strawberry Festival, Oxnard CA

  • This Time (w/Groovin' on a Sunday afternoon verse)
  • You've Got to Lose
  • Revolution>
  • One Way Out
  • Shakin' Shakin' Shakes
  • One Time, One Night
  • Cumbia Raza
  • Estoy Sentado Aqui
  • Soy Mexico Americano
  • Anselma
  • *Volver, Volver
  • Maricela
  • Come On Let's Go
  • Buzz Buzz Buzz (w/Over and Over verse)
  • Don't Worry Baby>
  • Baby Please Don't Go>
  • Pipeline Jam>
  • Band Introduction>
  • La Bamba>
  • Good Lovin'>
  • La Bamba


  • +She's About a Mover
  • #Carabina .30-.30
  • #Los Ojos de Pancha

*-w/David Hidalgo on drums and Andy Ireland on accordian
+-w/Andy Ireland on guitar, David Hidalgo on drums, and the drummer from The Gears on drums
#-w/the drummer from The Gears on drums