27-Jun-94 Chameleon Club, Lancaster PA

Show report from fan:

My vote for best show was at the Chameleon, a club in Lancaster, Pa., in 1994, I believe. The band was on the East Coast for a private function; some guy had hired Los Lobos to play at his wedding. And the owner of the club latched onto them for one night while they were East.

The club owner told me later that Cesar told him they felt like playing that night and asked him if it'd be OK if the opening act, a local band, took the night off. The band paid the opening act, I believe. They jammed. No set list, just having a hellacious time. Played all sorts of stuff. Hours later, after the second encore, the house lights came up and nobody was leaving the place. The lights went down and the band came back and played some more. They left the stage, the house lights went up and nobody was going to leave. They came back and played some more, with the house lights on. At the conclusion of that encore, Cesar said good night and said they really have to go. I wish I had a set list; better yet, I wish I had a recording of it; it was an amazing night...