11-May-85 The Mean Fiddler Club, London England
(BBC "In Concert")

  • We're Gonna Rock
  • Come On Let's Go
  • Our Last Night
  • Walking Song
  • How Much Can I Do?
  • Buzz Buzz Buzz
  • A Matter of Time
  • Evangeline
  • I Got Loaded
  • Let's Say Goodnight
  • Volver, Volver
  • I Got to Let You Know
  • Farmer John
  • Don't Worry Baby*
  • La Bamba*


  • The Town I Live In
  • Why Do You Do?

Setlist likely incomplete - Show recorded for a BBC radio special that was broadcast on 11-May-1985
These are the songs assembled for this broadcast

*-Songs appeared as live tracks on B-side of Limited Edition 10" EP (Slash LASHT 4)